The language platform
Contracted and trusted by major international and local organisations, the Language Platform team has been delivering high quality translation and interpretation services in Lebanon and further afield for over ten years. We have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality and timely products, invariably exceeding clients' expectations. Our expanding portfolio of loyal clients gives us prominence in the marketplace.
Language is above all about communicating and creating real and shared understanding, and that is what our Platform does. Although we offer translation and interpretation to and from a wide variety of languages, Arabic, English and French remain our niche languages. We are specialists in using the beauty, subtlety and expressiveness of those languages to convey meanings. Our mission is to facilitate communication and ease relations between Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, with a vision to bring people of different cultures and world views together.
In today's fast-moving global economy, sameness has become the norm. Linguistic services have slipped from a once meticulous craft to the status of mass production. Amid this culture of ‘just good enough’, the Language Platform offers a differentiated model. It rises above this norm by bringing freshness, personality and verve to its work through a client-centred approach.

This is our commitment to genuine craft.

Translation and interpretation, in the traditional sense, are only part of what we do. The Language Platform is also a place for exchange and interaction, where people can learn and grow. We put in the time and effort needed to develop the capabilities of our human resources, build their self-confidence and prepare them for a brighter future.

The Platform's Pillars

Passion drives our pursuit of excellence
Commitment underpins our work ethic
Hard work and determination assure our distinction
Competency and efficiency create our confidence
Honesty and professionalism win us trust
Team loyalty ensures our cohesion and continuity

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